The House of Serpents Kickstarter
Late pledges for The 5th Dunkeldorf campaign “The House of Serpents” coming soon: The House of Serpents Kickstarter

The House of Serpents Kickstarter

Enter the House of Serpents, where the walls have ears and the wealthy von Struttendorf family plot their schemes. This once honourable house stood as a foundation of Dunkeldorf but has since fallen to the corruption of wealth and ambition. Due to their storied past, the von Struttendorfs are still respected by many, but feared by most.
As you step out of your coach onto the manicured courtyard below the stately manor, you cannot help but wonder why you have been summoned to this grandiose estate during the chaos of the Mond Festival celebrations. The sounds of the revelry fade into the distance and the shadows grow long as the serpent-adorned doors bid you enter. Beyond them are the answers to many questions, some of which you may have yet to ask
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