Welcome to Dunkeldorf

Welcome to the official website for Dunkeldorf Miniatures – A line of characterful 28mm Fantasy Miniatures from King Games. The Dunkeldorf line of miniatures consists of 18 Miniatures along with Bases, Terrain Pieces and Accessories. We ran a successful  (In our humble opinion!) Kickstarter campaign in 2019.
All the miniatures from our campaign are now available in our webshop at www.KingGames.dk

Please take a look at the different sections here on the page, to learn more about Dunkeldorf, the miniatures and the team behind Dunkeldorf!

Dunkeldorf: The Prancing Peacock Kickstarter

We recently launched new Kickstarter called “Dunkeldorf: The Prancing Peacock”. This Kickstarter featured more townsfolk but with a focus on tavern miniatures both sitting and standing. It also included a bunch of accessories and terrain elements. If that sounds like something you might enjoy, you can click right here: Dunkeldorf: The Prancing Peacock Kickstarter or the banner below to go to the Kickstarter Page. In the Pledge Manager you will be able to “Late Pledge” is you missed out on the Kickstarter!