This section is all about the Dunkeldorf Miniatures. First of all, the miniatures are cast in metal and are in 28-30mm Heroic Scale – They fit great together with miniatures from Games Workshop, Reaper & many other companies. The Dunkeldorf Miniatures are mainly created for RPGs such as Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay or Dungeons & Dragons. But they can certainly be used for many other purposes as well and fit into plenty of other games and settings!

The Painted Miniatures

Below you can see all the painted Dunkeldorf Miniatures, every single one painted by Nana (CabanaMinis). If you click on a miniature you’ll go straight to our webshop where you can buy that specific miniature!

Dunkeldorf Accessories & Scenery

The Dunkeldorf range does not only consist of miniatures! We have plenty of accessories, animals/pets and scenery. We plan on adding a lot more of this stuff in the future through our upcoming Kickstarter campaigns.