This section is all about the miniatures for Dunkeldorf. First of all, the miniatures are cast in metal and are in 28mm Heroic Scale – They fit great together with miniatures from Games Workshop, Reaper & many other companies. 

Artwork and Greenstuff Sculpt

Sonny has taken great care to transform the character artwork into actual miniatures. Here you can see how the miniatures look in their “Green Stuff form” which is how they look before they are cast in metal. 

Scale Comparison

This gives a pretty good idea about the size of our miniatures. Our goal is that none of the miniatures are taller than Bertha, and none of them shorter than Herman. 

The Painted Miniatures

Nana has so far painted up all the miniatures you see below for the Dunkeldorf range of Miniatures. We can’t wait to see other people paint up these miniatures that we’ve already grown to love so much!