Welcome to Dunkeldorf

Welcome to the official website for Dunkeldorf Miniatures – A line of characterful 28mm Townsfolk Miniatures from King Games.
Dunkeldorf came to be when we launched our first Kickstarter campaign in May 2019  – In June 2020 we launched our second Kickstarter focusing on the popular inn “The Prancing Peacock”

Most recently, in June 2021 we launched the 3rd Kickstarter campaign: The Kingpin of Dunkeldorf – With a bunch of Thugs, Mutants & Witch Hunters + Mercenaries. 

All the miniatures from our first two campaigns are now available in our webshop at  www.KingGames.dk

Please take a look at the different sections here on the page, to learn more about Dunkeldorf, the miniatures and the team behind Dunkeldorf!

Below you can see a few pictures from the latest Kickstarter Campaign, the Pledge Manager will open up soon, where you’ll be able to late pledge!